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Company Profile

Company history: ten years rubs a sword

Is a commitment to the notebook, Tablet PC PCB development, design, Assembly and sales of solutions company over the past many years of research and development and technology accumulation, officially entering the global consumer electronics market in 2009, creating English "" brand. The company attaches great importance to talented person value, now has a development and design teams of more than 40 people. Our aim to create a highly differentiated high end digital brand in domestic, to become the global leader in the consumer electronics industry.

The company has accumulated strong research and development strength and train a large number of professional and technical backbone of, continuous product innovation. brands in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system operation, all products have passed the CE of the European Union and United States FCC certification and achieve the EU ROHS environmental requirements. Professional quality casting "" brand reputation, brand the pre-sale post-sale service partners will be worry-free. Company also offers a variety of cooperation mode: contains distribution PCBA, OEM, ODM, SKD, merchants agent. After a rapid and sound development, now has grown into a vital force for domestic brands of digital products.

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